Portraits from Photos

I can create a custom portrait from your photo. Whether you want to commemorate your wedding with a custom portrait hand-painted from your wedding photos, or would like to honor a loved one who has passed away, I can take your photo and create a beautiful watercolor portrait. I have completed over a thousand custom watercolor portraits from photos for clients across the globe. I work directly with each client to create a portrait that is unique and captures the spirit of the person and the occasion.

I am an artist in Hawaii whose goal is to make art approachable and affordable for all; I don’t believe that quality art should be just for the wealthy. For this reason I keep my rates affordable so that clients of all income-levels can afford to celebrate their lives, special occasions, and loved ones with a custom hand-painted watercolor portrait from their photos. At the end, my goal is to help you have a beautiful work of art in your home.

E-mail me at [email protected] with your photo (or multiple photos if you would like a compilation) and I’ll send you a free quote.

How it Works

You send me your photo or photos and let me know your vision for the portrait. Some clients want a portrait hand-crafted directly from a single photograph. Other clients have a specific vision for how they want their custom watercolor portrait to look. I can also create composites or compilations if you have multiple photos or would like a different background. Send me your photo or photos and ideas and I’ll send you a free quote today. E-mail me at [email protected]

Portrait from Photos Portfolio

Below you can see some of my recent work with clients. Types of portraits from photos I’ve completed include family portraits, wedding portraits, couple’s portraits, portraits of children, and pet portraits. Here’s some of the work I’ve recently done.

Family Portraits

Wedding Portraits

Couple’s Portraits

Pet Portraits

Contact: [email protected]